Mother reading to daughter
Mother reading to daughter


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Welcome to The Phoenix Conspiracy

This site will introduce you to a new spiritual thriller that blends mystery, suspense, military intrigue, “Alien abductions” with spiritual principles and quantum physics.

There are many pages to explore and more will be added as this site grows. Learn about the book and meet some of the characters, discover the secrets of the Quantum Communicator talk to and best of all take a test that will help you to discover the best book for you based on your favorite number. After you're finished we'd love to hear from you.


Do Aliens actually exist or is there something more sinister going on? Who's responsible for the abduction and brainwashing of humans? Join John Phoenix in his quest for the truth as he makes his way through secret military organizations, a multitude of 'abduction victims' and his own abduction in this suspense thriller.