Mother reading to daughter
Mother reading to daughter


My husband saw my copy of Brian's book "The Phoenix Conspiracy" and asked to read it. He could not put it down!! From the moment he started the book, I have noticed a considerable change. He has become more positive, more in tune with the energy around him and started tapping in to his own energy.

He just finished the book this morning and said "I've NEVER had a book affect me this way...Brian is my NEW HERO!

Reader Views, and independent book reviewer service had this to say about the God Matrix,

I found “The Phoenix Conspiracy” to be an incredibly written, well-thought-out novel. Brian Alexander really impressed me with his ability to write an exceptional science fiction novel incorporating all of my favorite elements such as metaphysical, psychological, intrigue, romance and suspense. But most of all, his story infused me with the desire to want to make positive changes in my spiritual ways so that I can be more like the people who can save the planet. In spite of the knowledge that this is a fictional novel, there is a part of me that believes there could be some truth hidden in this tale. It takes a real gift of writing for an author to be able to do that.

I loved your book.  I started it last night and "couldn't put it down.”... loved the story, loved the message. It introduces an important paradigm shift and a fascinating approach to human energy.
-Caryn Hartglass, President, Responsible Eating and Living

I just finished Brian’s book, The Phoenix Conspiracy. What a tear jerker. I haven’t cried that much in a long time. It was a very profound story and very believable. ... Thank you again for sending me this wonderful work. Please pass my positive praise to Brian next time you see him. Many blessings,

The Phoenix Conspiracy" is a powerful message to all of us. This book touched my soul and I feel compelled to share it with as many people as I can ... the pages of this book contain a gift for all of us - the gift of hope and growth for us as human beings on a spiritual journey and caretakers of Mother Earth                                                                                                                                                              -Deborah

I've now completed my read of The Phoenix Conspiracy, and I found it to be a totally awesome story. What I like most is the way that you've woven deeply insightful wisdom together with a thrilling story that is totally captivating. I like the 'alien' dimension and interesting characters in the story.

I was delighted to be at the (book) launch and hear of your talents. ... I went
home and immediately read the novel and thoroughly enjoyed it ... definitely a page turner and very interesting.... Congratulations!