Mother reading to daughter
Mother reading to daughter


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Quantum Communication


Quantum communication works by utilizing the bond between pairs of subatomic particles. The state of a particle, an electron for example can be described as having a north and south pole. If the electron is flipped its bonded partner also flips. By creating a device that can both flip and read the flips of electrons it would be possible to instantly transmit a message like Morse code over great distances. From a rudimentary perspective quantum communication can be thought of as being digital in nature like computer communication. Computers work on the basis of tiny transistors or switches often referred to as bits. The switches are either on or off. Eight of these switches are grouped together to form a byte. There are now hundreds of millions of switches or transistors on a computer chip.





The same principle and growth will apply to quantum communication and eventually quantum computing. It will start as simple communication and eventually grow to full three dimensional holographic video transferred instantly across space.

Dawn’s challenge to John was not to develop quantum communication devices although she knew this would be the first step. Being able to develop a quantum communicator was considered very basic science. The challenge was to discover the means by which the subatomic particles communicated with each other instantly across space and time. It is through understanding the energy spectrum of quantum communijcating that the door to true science opens.