Mother reading to daughter
Mother reading to daughter


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Quantum Communication


During John’s time with the Terraqueians Dawn told John about a method of communicating using subatomic particles.  In his mind John began to think of this device as a Quantum Communicator. Dawn’s intent in teaching John about this device was not to give him a new method of communication. Earth technology was close but not quite ready for it anyway. Dawn’s point was that the energy spectrum that allowed for instantaneous communication across infinite distances was the same energy that allowed Dawn’s people to travel across the Universe. It was in fact the Living Energy of the Universe and understanding the principles of this type of communication was the first step to understanding God. Those were John’s words not Dawn’s. Dawn had been quite annoyed at John when he expressed this thought. To John it was a sign of how thoroughly programmed he’d been to think of God as a man living in the clouds.





The principles of the communicator are simple. Subatomic particles can be bonded together in pairs. Once bonded, an energy communication forms between the particles. If the state of one of the particles is changed the state of the other is instantly changed as well. It does not matter how far apart these particles are one mile or one hundred billion light years, the effect is instantaneous.

The development of Quantum communication will develop along the same path as other forms of communication. The first forms of communication along a wire started as Morse code, a system of dots and dashes. This later evolved to analogue signals and eventually digital signals. Earth communication evolved from only being able to send a simple spike down a while to transmitting full color audio video signals.