Jonny Hendrix
Overview: Jonny

Jonny Hendrix is a brilliant but troubled young man. He is easy fodder for a secret military organization that wants to make use of his skills. But who is using who? Is Jonny a victim of his past or the perpetrator of the downfall of civilization?

Personal Note: No one is smarter than me especially any college professor. Come on in to my lab and I'll prove it to you.
Hypnotic Spiral

Jonny's lab

 Hypnotic Eyes

Exceptionally brilliant, Jonny advanced very quickly through school making him smaller and younger than the other kids. This in turn made Jonny the perfect target for the school bullies. They seemed to receive no end of pleasure tormenting Jonny, keeping him in constant fear all through his school years. To make matters worse his geeky appearance kept the girls away. They teased and picked on him every bit as much as the boys or at least the pretty ones did. Even some teachers joined the abuse Jonny club, perhaps intimidated by his intelligence.

The age old question of whether nature or nurture is responsible for how someone turns out cannot be answered by studying Jonny. Early on he spent his days plotting for the time when he would be able to get even. The opportunity arrived at the university level where he began to perfect his ideas on mind control. It didn’t matter to Jonny that these were not the same students that picked on him at public school, everyone was fodder for his experiments. By the time he was discovered and kicked out of university he had come to the attention of Colonel Jeffery. His early years had molded him well for his new career path.