The Colonel

Colonel Arthur Jeffery was approached by his superiors, fronting for a group of powerful men, about a disturbing trend, people were claiming to have been abducted by Aliens in alarming numbers. He was asked to form a special group to explore the truth behind these so called abductions. Jeffery's mission was

Personal Note: I do what I have to do to protect your country and our way of life. I do not make any apologies for fighting for our freedom.
Entering area 51

Colonel yelling at soldier

 Colonel Jeffery

Jeffery is a career soldier, dedicated, hard working and unforgiving in the completion of tasks. He is a tough task master but considers himself fair, not expecting any more from his men than he would from himself. Jeffery rose through the ranks the hard way, in the battlefields, earning each and every one of his medals and commendations. He never shirked his tasks and was known as a get it done person. Unlike many older soldiers Jeffery was not afraid of technology and embraced all new advances as they appeared. This made him an unusual soldier as he was as willing to fight with computers as with guns.

Jeffery’s manner, like himself was hard and unforgiving, causing him to be passed by for promotions. Jeffery though was dogged in his determination to succeed and eventually won his way up the ranks. It was the combination of his willingness to complete his duty no matter what the cost, coupled with his openness to modern technology that made him the number one candidate to head the Alien Project.