Mother reading to daughter
Mother reading to daughter

Main Characters


Image of phoenix bird

Name: John Phoenix
Personal Bio: Dr. John Phoenix, professor of psychology, top hypnotherapist and a student of the martial arts.
Job: Teach of Psychology, on sabbatical to work on a Special project.

Energy Hands

Name: Shelly Means
Personal Bio: Shelly started life with an amazing gift, an affinity for Life Energies surrounding other living things. When her grandmother passed away, Shelly stopped talking about her gift and soon lost touch with this connection...
Job: Does Reiki and other forms of energy work.

Alien Dawn

Name: Dawn
Personal Bio: Dawn is an enigma, if she really exists then her and her people, the Terraqueians, are beyond the comprehension of humans. She is several hundred or several thousand years old. She enjoys talking to planets and often relaxes to the song of the galaxy.
Job: Travels through several galaxies in this quadrant of the Universe helping to bring life to planets.

Dr. Samuel Harrington

Name: Samuel Harrington III (Just call me Sam)
Personal Bio: Sam seems to have limitless energy and is continuously on the go. He is accomplished in both academic surgery and medical education.
Job: Sam divides his time between medical research and research on his favorite passion.

Colonel Jeffery

Name: Colonel Arthur Jeffery
Personal Bio: Jeffery is a career soldier, dedicated, hard working and unforgiving in the completion of tasks. He is a tough task master but considers himself fair. His special forces training and combat experience made him the perfect candidate to head the AA Project.
Job: Currently on assignment to a special top secret project.

Top Secret

Name: Major Henry Brown
Personal Bio: Brown was quite good with technology and had planned to go to college to study something in this area. Before he could make up his mind which particular aspect of technology to study he got an urge to join the armed forces...
Job: I could tell you but I'd have to kill you.

Hypnotic Spiral

Name: Jonny Hendrix
Personal Bio: Exceptionally brilliant, Jonny advanced very quickly through school making him the perfect target for the school bullies. This upbringing prepared Jonny for his role in the AA Project under Colonel Jeffery.
Job: This information is classified...