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Major Henry Brown

Brown trained in Special Forces and worked on covert assignments around the world. On surveillance missions his ability to keep track of and never lose an assignment soon made a name for him that kept him on constant loan to other agencies.

Personal Note: I have a very important job to do and I take it seriously. Terrorists are a threat to our livelyhood
Top Secret

Spy Camera

 Brown dressed to infiltrate

Brown (never call him Henry, even his superiors know better) did not envision a career in the military when he was growing up. In his early years he was considered shy, mostly keeping to himself. Brown was not shy but he had no use for the activities of other boys his own age and preferred his own company. Named after his father, who disappeared when he was quite young, he grew to hate the name but could never bring himself to change it.

Brown was quite good with technology and had planned to go to college to study something in this area. Before he could make up his mind which particular aspect of technology to study he got an urge to join the armed forces. Brown had learned quite young to follow these urges and discovered a new home.  He was a natural in basic training and was quickly earmarked for more advanced specialties. It was during some of the more advanced surveillance training that his true gift came to light; no one could escape him, no matter what they tried. Brown’s path was now laid out before him.