Mother reading to daughter
Mother reading to daughter


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Dawn is a spiritual being from beyond the Galaxy. She brings understanding and wisdom and several hundred thousand years ahead of our own. Dawn would like to see the human race succeed and flourish and has dedicated herself and her people to help us in this. Dawn cannot possibly be here to answer your questions but she has agreed to channel her answers through John Phoenix. He will translate them for us as best as possible, however knowing John the way we all do please don’t expect the answers to be short.

Simply email your question to and your questions and answers will appear here. If there is enough interest the we will set up an Ask Dawn blog for more live discussion between participants.

Q. For what purpose was I born?

A. Everybody is born for a purpose but not all purposes are as grand or noble as many would like. Sometimes the purpose can be as simple as to exist and learn. You are measured, at the end, not by how much you have but rather by how many you have helped. There are many different exercises to help you answer your question. One simple one is to imagine a line on the floor, representing your time line. Walk backwards along this line, into your past till you reach the point, before you were born, when your spiritual self entered the body. Ask that spiritual self what it's purpose or goal was for this lifetime. Perhaps more important is to ask yourself what is your self definition; how do you define yourself. Many define themselves by their career, or their religion, or their hobbies. Self definitions can change but sometimes they persist at deep unseen levels. Take a moment to understand how you define yourself and that will help to learn what you need to resolve, or point you in the correct direction. Dawn