Mother reading to daughter
Mother reading to daughter


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The Phoenix Conspiracy

The Phoenix Conspiracy is a spiritual thriller that blends mystery, suspense, military intrigue and maybe even Alien abductions, with spiritual principles and quantum physics. It will captivate you and keep you on the edge of your seat as you are swept up in an adventure that leaves you wondering at the truth of you own existence, and even more so, wondering whether the story is indeed fact or fiction.

Someone is kidnapping people and wiping their memories of this experience. In turn the kidnapped are claiming they’ve been abducted by Aliens, but the real question is, have they?. A secret military group denies knowing anything about it. Are there really Aliens or is it something more sinister and closer to home?

Dr. John Phoenix a professor of psychology, is asked to help with a problem. The more he looks into it the more sinister the problem appears. As Dr. Phoenix continues to dig further into the unknown he is warned off with the threat of dire consequences. Undaunted by these threats Dr. Phoenix sets out to learn the truth and gets far more than he ever bargained for.