Shelly Means
Overview: Shelly Means had a life changing experience, one that left her weak and troubled. The problem was that she couldn't remember anything about it. With the help of Dr. John Phoenix she was able to put her life back together, or was it? The ending of her troubles was just the beginning of her adventure.
Personal Note: I love being in nature, it is so full of life and Living Energy. It helps me to connect better with myself and with others.
Energy Hands

Shelly sitting against a tree

 Energy transmitted from ahnds

Shelly started life with an amazing gift, an affinity for Life Energies surrounding other living things. Aside from her grandmother this gift was not encouraged in her family. When her grandmother passed away, Shelly stopped talking about her gift and soon lost touch with this connection.

Through school her life could best be described as typical. Shelly was a normal teenager in most respects; a little shy at first meeting someone she would quickly open up once she knew the person. She seemed to have a second sense on whom she could trust a sense that was so natural to her she never questioned this ability. Shelly was a natural listener and often helped others deal with their issues. She was always curious about people and problems of society and eventually gravitated to a degree in sociology. Her work as a government analyst however was not fulfilling and Shelly sensed, deep within her, that she was destined for another path.