Dr. Samuel Harrington III

Sam has many passions, medicine, medical education and the search for extraterrestrial life. It was a combination of these things that brought him to the office of John Phoenix and an adventure that almost proved to be his undoing.

Family: Okay laugh if you want but I believe in Aliens. Look I'm a scientist and every bit of scientific evidence points to the fact that they do exist.

cartoon alien

 Sam in a Doctors smock

Samuel Harrington III, MD, and professor was born with what some call a silver spoon. His family’s wealth and prosperity open many doors not available to the average person. Even so Sam refused to take anything for granted and worked hard to earn his own recognition.

Sam seems to have limitless energy and is continuously on the go. He is accomplished in both academic surgery and medical education. Sam helped to pioneer an innovative program, the “Problem-Based Learning” method for the education of medical students. The method has been adapted by many medical schools and has revolutionized medical education around the world. He was a Markle Scholar and received the Distinguished Service Awards from the Association for Academic Surgery and the American College of Surgeons. He has authored over 75 publications and has written widely on issues in medical education.