John Phoenix
Overview: Dr. John Phoenix, professor of psychology, top hypnotherapist and a student of the martial arts finds himself in the middle of a high level top secret operation. In his quest to help a young lady resolve some deep seated issues he stumbles upon a very sophisticated brainwashing program designed to dupe people into believing that Aliens are behind it. John set out to discover the real truth and get more than he bargained for.
Personal Note: I don't want to give people the wrong impression, I'm not a hero, I just want to help people deal with their issues and lead a normal life. But I won't stand by and watch people being taken advantage of.
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John in karate gi

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John Phoenix is a quiet and unassuming man. At 6'1" and a solid 185 pounds John is well muscled and very strong for his weight. While not as active as in his youth John still practices martial arts to keep himself fit and healthy. For balance John also studies Tai Chi and dabbles in meditation. He enjoys the feelings these arts give him but stays away from the more esoteric aspects of the arts.

His work at the University leaves him little time for anything else. He is currently on a sabbatical from teaching, an arrangement reluctantly agreed to by the university when pressure was brought to bear by his friend Sam Harrington. In exchange John provides counseling services for students and works on his Alien project with Sam.