Overview: Is Dawn an Alien or a figment of the imagination planted by deep hypnotic trance? John Phoenix, the master hypnotist, becomes trapped in an imaginary world and has to quickly sort out truth from fiction if he is to survive.
Personal Note: You must learn to respect and protect all live if your species is to survive. Until your society is cooperative based where the greatest achievements comes from mentoring others and all are treated equal your species will be evolutionarily stagnant.
image of the alien Dawn

Energy from hands

 Energy around Earth

Dawn is an enigma, if she really exists then her and her people, the Terraqueians, are beyond the comprehension of humans. Hundred of thousands of years older then the human race they have reached the end of science and technology and have learned all that is possible in the Universe. Dawn may be thought of as 265 or 4534 years old at the same time. This is a concept that makes perfect sense to her people.

The Terraqueians communicate directly with the Universal energies and by leaving the physical Universe can travel within these energies almost infinite distances across the Universe in an instant. They are the physical hand of the Living Universe helping to prepare planets to receive Life Energy and help species along their evolutionary path. Their greatest commandment is to respect and protect all live.